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EmStat3 Module

Research grade single-channel potentiostat module

  • Small tested & calibrated potentiostat module
  • Compliance voltage ±5 V
  • Maximum current ±20 mA
  • Development SDK available


The EmStat3 is a research-grade potentiostat that was initially developed for OEM purposes. The EmStat3 is a reliable and versatile potentiostat that found its way to the market in many different forms.

The EmStat3 module is successfully integrated into devices for specific applications, but also in our own product range that we sell for generic research purposes such as the EmStat Blue, EmStat Go, and MultiEmStat. The main difference between the EmStat3 and EmStat3+ is the extra current range of 100 mA for the EmStat3+ module.


dc-potential range ± 3.000 V
compliance voltage ± 5 V
dc-potential resolution 0.1 mV
dc-potential accuracy 0.2 %
current ranges 1 nA to 10 mA (8 ranges)
maximum current ± 20 mA typical
and ± 15 mA minimum